I trust you had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday. It is a special holiday to remember the men and women who died to allow us to enjoy the freedom that we have today. My father was a World War II veteran who often shared with us many stories about his time in the service. It also should be a time to remember Jesus Christ who died for us so that we might have the ultimate freedom - from sin and death. 

Let us remember to pray for our Vacation Bible School that is going to happen during the week of June 20. The theme is Cowabunga - focus on the idea of farming as we seek to bear fruit for Jesus Christ. I ask that you invited neighborhood children to come - bring them if you can and if you cannot, then let us know and we will pick them up. We want to make this year a great year so be praying and inviting ones to come. 

Summer is soon upon us - schools will all be closed - families will head on vacation. Let us make sure we keep Christ first in our vacation times and throughout the summer. Keep consistent in living for Christ and always remember that being His witnesses is something in which we are to always be engaged. 

The CAMOS group is off to a great start - keep praying for them and if you know of a young couple or single person who may fit this group, let them know about it and mention their name to Pastor Brandon. This is an important group for our church as they will become our future leaders.