We had a great week at Vacation Bible School. Thanks for all the prayers. We had an increase in attendance this year and had 7 children from the neighborhood who came everyday and participated well in all areas of VBS. Everyone did a great job and although it was a tiring week, all were blessed by their efforts. Sister Erica did a wonderful job leading the VBS again this year and I just want to once again say that I appreciate her and all those who helped during an important ministry of the church. 

This coming Sunday we will be having our Fourth of July celebration at 11:00am. The choiir will present special music focusing on America and God's blessings on her. We will have dinner on the grounds with hot dogs - an all-American dinner. Invite ones to come and spend time meeting and sharing with others as we worship God and then fellowship during the time of eating. 

I and my family will be away from July 4 - 11 where we will be heading down towards Orlando for a bit of a rest and enjoyment. My wife, her mother, and I also plan to head to New York later in July to visit our daughter and her two daughters. We are looking forward to seeing them and how they have grown. Bro. Brandon will be filling in for me during the services when I am away. 

As summer continues, keep ones in prayer who are traveling and if you are traveling keep us in prayer. Don't forget God this summer - stay focused on Him, keep HIm close, and be faithful in living for Him each day

Vacation Bible School is here!

Vacation Bible School begins today - Monday, June 20. It is for children ages 2-15 and will take place at the church from 6:00pm-8:30pm. I appreciate all the hard work already done in preparation for this week. Erica has done a great job getting everything ready to go and getting things set up and all arranged. The teachers are working hard to communicate God's truth to the boys and girls. Great refreshments have been planned and some exciting crafts are in store for any who come. 

I encourage you to invite boys and girls in your neighborhoods or friends you might know. If anyone needs a ride we will pick them up and drop them off. Our goal is to do all we can to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many boys and girls that we are able to do. Be praying each night for this ministry asking God to give strength, patience, and enthusiasm to those who are ministering. Pray for God to send out the boys and girls. Pray for God to richly bless all of the efforts. 

I also want to remind you about the Fourth of July program that will take place on Sunday morning, July 3, at 11:00am. The choir will be sharing a patriotic musical presentation. I will be giving a brief devotional. Lunch will be provided on the church grounds. Invite friends and family to come. Let us see if we can fill the church right in the middle of summer. 

Many are going to taking vacation time so when you do, please have a safe trip and do not forget God on your vacation. Be thinking of us and pray for us as we think of you and pray for you. 

As we grieve and pray for the families affected by the tradegy in Orlando on Sunday, let us also be praying for this situation to open the hearts of people everywhere to the only hope that is available to remove such evil from the hearts of man - Jesus Christ and His transforming power. This is the time to share the good news that Jesus is able to bring real peace, joy, and hope to one's life as he or she believes on Jesus Christ. Let us continue to share our faith and live it out consistently to all that we meet. 

Father's Day is this Sunday - June 19 - and we will honor all fathers and grandfathers in our morning service. Fathers are in important part of the family and we need to honor them and keep them in prayer as they seek to lead the home in the manner that God desires

Vacation Bible School is  beginning on Monday, June 20. It will take place from 6:00pm-8:30pm and is open to children ages 2-15. We encourage you to invite children from your neighborhood to come. If you know of any who need a ride, let us know and we will pick them up and get them to the church. Be praying for the teachers, assistants, craft workers, refreshment helpers, and Eric as she leads the VBS. We are praying for a very good turn out this year. 

I trust you had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday. It is a special holiday to remember the men and women who died to allow us to enjoy the freedom that we have today. My father was a World War II veteran who often shared with us many stories about his time in the service. It also should be a time to remember Jesus Christ who died for us so that we might have the ultimate freedom - from sin and death. 

Let us remember to pray for our Vacation Bible School that is going to happen during the week of June 20. The theme is Cowabunga - focus on the idea of farming as we seek to bear fruit for Jesus Christ. I ask that you invited neighborhood children to come - bring them if you can and if you cannot, then let us know and we will pick them up. We want to make this year a great year so be praying and inviting ones to come. 

Summer is soon upon us - schools will all be closed - families will head on vacation. Let us make sure we keep Christ first in our vacation times and throughout the summer. Keep consistent in living for Christ and always remember that being His witnesses is something in which we are to always be engaged. 

The CAMOS group is off to a great start - keep praying for them and if you know of a young couple or single person who may fit this group, let them know about it and mention their name to Pastor Brandon. This is an important group for our church as they will become our future leaders.